My blog is made to help men. They always complain they can never understand women, well now I'm helping them understand women.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do They Like You or Not? That Is The Question.

One of the biggest things that keep two people apart is the constant wonder Does He/She Like Me? If you tell them that you like them it might start a relationship, but on the other hand it might create a everlasting awkwardness between you and the person and this is especially inconvenient if you have to see your crush everyday. Because I am not a guy and have not found out how the answer to the question "Does He Like Me?" I cannot answer it, but I can tell you when a girl likes you. I am going to list the following signs from greatest sign to least if your girl does at least 8 of the following, she likes you.
  1. She tries to get to know you- By asking you or your friends questions
  2. She tries to get near you (sometimes she stalks you and sometimes she just happens to "wander" unusually close to you)
  3. She tries to get to know your friends
  4. Her friends giggle when you come around
  5. She tries to touch you (even by a simple shoulder touch)
  6. She thinks up some dumb reason to talk/call/text you
  7. She reacts quickly when you even mention another girl
  8. She is really playful around you
  9. She brags about herself (sometimes this is subtle and sometimes...... its blunt and obvious)
  10. She fidgets when you come near her (This can be twirling hair, fiddling thumbs, or squirming )
  11. She laughs at alot of your jokes
  12. She does not seem pleased when you say you are thinking of something "inappropriate"
  13. She smiles at you alot
  14. She waves incisively

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What We Really Mean

So one of the things that confuse most men is that sometimes women say one thing and mean another. Ok fine, why lie women say things they don't mean all the time. So the following are 10 women: man translations.
  1. Just leave me alone. I'm fine.- I'm super irritated and if by the 3rd or 4th time I keep saying this leave me the hell alone.
  2. I don't want anything for Christmas/My Birthday/Valentine's Day- I don't want to seem high maintenance but find out what I want from somewhere or someone else
  3. Yea, I would love to meet your family.- Ahhhh!!!!! I'm totally freaky out about meeting your family!!!!!!
  4. Who was that girl I saw you with?- You bastard are you cheating on me???
  5. Are you ok- Why the hell are you being so annoying????
  6. What's your name??- Ooo, hey sexy
  7. Ummmm.......I gotta go- Ewwww get me out of here
  8. What time is it???- When am I getting outta here???
  9. Ummm.....can we talk about this later- Don't embarrass me, not here, not now
  10. Sure of course I loooooove your new look/place- Ewwww what the hell happened???Why'd you change???

Friday, February 5, 2010

As A Start

Ok to start off women are not that complicated..... in most cases that is. Just like men we like to be treated respect. To all guys women were not put on this earth for your entertainment and use, we are real people.
We like to be treated nicely......girls who like bad boys really just want a guy they think they can change, they don't like you for you unless inside of all that "thugness" you're a real sweetheart.
That brings me to my second point, there is a girl for every guy. We all like different things. For example my perfect guy would be sexy, smart, kind, funny, and clever. Now, there may not be a guy like that but my perfect guy may not be perfect for me.
Guys be yourselves because you won't be able to keep yourself from acting like yourself forever. We'll respect you for it and maybe we can be friends. Another thing be honest no matter how hard it is. If you made a mistake tell us, it will keep us from kicking your ass too hard when we find out you were lying to us...... and trust me we WILL find out. I guess I'm done for now but comment about anything if my advice backfires or you have questions, follow me, and vote on the poll on the bottom of the home page. Thanks Bye!!!!

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